Pro Roofing has made an ongoing commitment to maintain the highest environmental standards throughout all of our work.

We recognise that our operations have a direct impact on the environment. It is our aim to reduce Pro Roofing’s environmental impact at all costs and to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. We have therefore developed an Environmental policy which details how we will achieve this aim. This policy applies to all aspects of our business including everything from office services to our on site activities.

A key aspect of our Environmental policy covers waste management. Pro Roofing is dedicated to minimising waste by reducing our use of raw materials and encouraging recycling wherever possible. We have made a pledge keep wastage to a minimum and maximise the efficient use of all materials and resources. Any remaining waste is disposed of responsible. This is extremely important with regard to hazardous material.

Another main point of our Environmental policy is the conservation of energy. We aim to cut down on energy consumption by switching off all items not in use. We also promise to perform regular inspections and maintenance of equipment; therefore improving energy efficiency.

A copy of our Environmental policy is given to all members of Pro Roofing staff and is expected to be adhered to at all times. Relevant environmental training is also given to staff to promote a environmentally aware culture. Our environmental performance is regularly communicated to our employees and other significant stakeholders.

We will continue to assess and improve our environmental policy going forward. This gives us the chance to implement any new advances in working practices and technology. In doing this we hope to maintain and exceed our high environmental standards and to assure that we are do are absolute best to minimise our effect on the environment.


Fixings that have failed, or no longer perform their protective/ structural function, require repair or replacement. This usually means replacement of some or all constituent parts of the building with materials which are compatible with the historic structure.


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  • Stone and Slate Roofing
  • Sourcing stone for repair
  • Thatching advice
  • Practical conservation
  • Graffiti removal

Why choose Pro Roofing for Historical Repairs & Maintenance?

Underlying care of historic buildings is based on careful maintenance, keeping all features and systems in good repair and working order contributes to its protection from adverse conditions. Regular maintenance requires a programme of inspection, the regularity of which depends on the condition and intricacy of the building.