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Is your commercial property in need of new high-quality roofing? If your roof is a little worse for wear and in need of refurbishment? ProRoofing is here to help, and we offer the highest quality industrial roofing Bournemouth has to offer. Call today on 01202 518763 to discuss your requirements and our friendly team will take care of you.

Premier Bournemouth Industrial Roofing

At ProRoofing, we provide bespoke services for industrial roofing in Bournemouth, and we pride ourselves on providing excellent service at great prices. We offer a number of different roofing solutions for commercial and industrial buildings.

Industrial roofing Bournemouth is generally constructed using a layer of cover felt, which over time becomes brittle. The freeze-thaw effect exacerbates this to the point where the felt decays and perishes under the constant punishment of unpredictable British weather. Eventually, cracks will permeate the felt layer, ultimately resulting in leakages that may not be immediately evident from inside the property.

If the roof of the building is constructed using ferrous materials or wooden beams, the leak can cause damage to these materials by way of rust and rot. If the leak is left unattended for long enough, these damaged materials can cause catastrophic damage if they give out and cause a roof collapse. Luckily, ProRoofing has solutions for industrial roofing in Bournemouth that will prevent such problems. Some of our flat roofing options are:

Rolled Aluminium

Rolled Lead



Single Ply Membrane Systems

Roofing Repairs

All of our systems use the highest grade materials available for industrial roofing, Bournemouth.

Rolled Aluminium

This option is common in industrial environments because it offers great characteristics for durability, life-span, noise reduction, flexibility, a variety of options and water tightness. Our Bournemouth industrial roofing aluminium sheets are available from our reputable suppliers in bespoke sizes, so the roofing system will be custom ordered to match your requirements. The seams build into the rolls of aluminium give fantastic waterproofing qualities and are ideal for covering large roofs.

Rolled Lead

Rolled lead is used more in a domestic and residential capacity, but the industrial roofing, Bournemouth, applications include things such as; flashings (apron, cover and chimney), gutters (parapet, tapered, drips, rolls, chute and pipe outlets) and others. Flashings and weatherings utilise lead of codes 3-5 and roofing, cladding and guttering use codes 4-8 depending on the requirements. The coding system used Imperial units and are defined by pounds per square foot. Example: Code 3 lead is 3lbs/ft2. Modern lead sheets are measured out in millimetres, which makes matters confusing.  Generally higher lead codes are used for industrial purposes due to higher stresses caused by water volume etc.


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Asphalt roofing is applied to a prepared surface, in a process called felt saturation. Our Industrial roofing Bournemouth can utilise several materials for felt saturation, such as fibreglass, organic shingles, felt and smooth roll roofing. This means that if you choose a different type of roofing, it can always have asphalt applied to it for extra protection.

The coating is applied to the surface, and mineral surfacing is added. The layer is left to cool and dry before product finishing is completed. This includes seal-down strip application, cutting and trimming, and laminating if shingles are used. ProRoofing only supplies the highest quality asphalt, and our craftsmanship and installation is second-to-none, so come to us for all your needs in asphalt industrial roofing, Bournemouth.


Of all our industrial roofing in Bournemouth, fibreglass is considered the most cost-effective method. Fibreglass GRP is often used for spot repairs on flat roofing, but covering the existing roof with a layer of fibreglass. The product is incredibly strong and durable, able to survive those harsh winter months and keep out the lashing rain. When ProRoofing installs fibreglass GRP with unparalleled professional quality, it’s given a life expectancy of up to 50 years.

Fibreglass roofing is seamless and joint free, making it almost impenetrable to rain and outside elements. Our industrial roofing Bournemouth is very low maintenance when using fibreglass, and all the fibreglass is moulded on site and installed without heat application for a truly bespoke appeal and custom aesthetic.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for high quality workmanship,
reliability, and our excellent customer service.

Why ProRoofing for Industrial Roofing BournemouthIndustrial Roofing Bournemouth

The ProRoofing team made a conscientious effort to maintain our exclusively high standards of work, and this has earned us a sterling reputation in the area. Our excellent work ethic combined with stringent health and safety protocols allows us to produce results that you won’t find anywhere else.

We care about the environment and therefore employ modern environmental policies into our industrial roofing Bournemouth. The team here also adopt methods of reducing waste and increase recycling wherever possible. Our team stay alert for any new legislation and methods of decreasing the environmental effects of our work.

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