Pitched Roof

Most residential properties in this country have pitched roofs and these usually have a slate or clay tile covering. There are many advantages to both forms of roof covering and at ProRoofing we offer a wide selection of both options.


Pitched Roofs in BournemouthIf laid correctly, a natural slate roof will last the lifetime of the building. As a result of this Slate roofs are very sustainable and the material can even be salvaged and re-used once the building has fallen into disrepair. Slate is also incredibly durable. It is unaffected by normal extremes of temperature and unlike Man-made products, that are liable to discolouration by acid rainfall, is highly resistant to acids, alkalis and other chemicals. Natural Slate comes in a variation of colours, sizes and textures and can be chosen to match existing roofing materials on surrounding buildings. This makes natural star roofs the best option when undertaking a conservation project. Above all else the main benefit of slate roofing is its traditional, aesthetically pleasing look and feel.


Clay Tiles, on the other hand is much cheaper than Slate to buy and install, however is liable to require replacement and repair more frequently. Despite this, if fitted correctly and only the best materials are used, Clay tiling can offer all of the benefits of slate at a fraction of the price. Clay Tiles can also be installed much faster than Slate ones. It is also important to note that Clay Tiles weigh far less than Natural slate and therefore require less structural work.


At ProRoofing our team of highly-experienced specialists can help you choose the best option for your roof. Whether that may be clay tiles or natural slate, we offer a large range of both and can install your chosen roof covering quickly and efficiently, to the best possible standard, for the lowest possible price.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for high quality workmanship, reliability, and our excellent customer service.


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